2013 Photo Review–Humor and Emotion

I’m finishing up 2013 with a photo review of shots I liked, some funny, some not.

funny photos 2013

Some people adorn their homes in notable fashion. This carving was in Brooklyn, New York.


 My travels took me to places where the whimsical touched my imagination.

Brooklyn, New York; London, England; Oxford, England; Edinburgh, UK; and even Paris welcomed me.

Not to mention Murfreesboro, Tennessee and Indianapolis, Indiana!


Photo review 2013

The machine gun just doesn’t look right with this uniform.






London walk 2013

I’d only read about turbots in English novels; I’d never actually seen one before.


Kissing couple 2013

This couple indulge, continually, in Budapest.




My research turned up a prize I’ve been hunting for 20 years–while I was looking for something else, of course!

Permelia Hanks Dunn 2013

The most thrilling find of 2013: a photo of my great-grandmother!

Oxford walk

Graffitti through the ages . . .



My launch party provided fun, though it may be hard to see with all that camouflage.


photo review 2013


We had cause to mourn–our blind dog died.Gordon setter with child

And joy–all four of my books came out this year! Here’s to a wonderful 2014!

photo review

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  1. I hope you have a wonderful 2014, Michelle – with no causes for tears, except those of joy.

    God bless.


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