A Junk Drawer for Comfort

Junk drawer, comfort, Sonoma County fires, Clutter Free, Kathi Lipp, paperclips, recovering from a fire, hurricane disasters

One major junk drawer and two auxiliaries take up 30% of the drawers in my kitchen. That’s a pretty big number. (Don’t tell my friend, Kathi Lipp, who wrote the book Clutter Free). I always felt a ashamed of those drawers until this week. Junk and the fires Here in northern California, we’re still dealing […]

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Quit Reading that Book

Quit reading that book, Set aside what you don't like, popular books, genres, why read what you don't like?, writer issues, library

“Quit reading that book.” Can there be such a freeing admonition? I’d been complaining to a friend about how much I detested a very popular narrative nonfiction book everyone seem to love. This unnamed book violated every lesson I’d ever heard on the topic and I knew people would die as a result of her […]

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Jimmy Hanson: Oswald Chambers’ Missionary Friend

Jimmy Hanson, Oswald Chambers, Mrs. Oswald Chambers, Bible Training College, BTC regular, YMCA, WWI, Old Mahogany Bar, missionary

Jimmy Hanson was one of the people I recognized as a Bible Training College regular during my writing of Mrs. Oswald Chambers. On the last Tuesday of the month for the next five months, I’ll be telling stories of those “BTC regulars.” Why? Because I spent so much time following their fascinating rabbit trails to […]

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Preparing for Your Future Life with Forgiveness Today

future life and forgiveness, spiritual issues, premarital counseling, dealing with past relationships, Christian forgiveness needs.

“You need to prepare for your future life with forgiveness,” the pastor said during our premarital counseling back in the Dark Ages. He sent us off for a week to think and pray about people we had hurt in our past. We needed to contact them, tell how we believed we had hurt them, and […]

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Clapping My Hands in Joy Instead of Pain

While clapping my hands this morning in my dance class, I marveled at the lack of pain. Seven years ago, on 1/11/11, when I joined the health club, my hands were a mess. But other health issues drove me, a woman who had walked three miles a day for twenty-five years, to the gym. I […]

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