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About The Sunbonnet Bride

The Sunbonnet Bridea 15,000 word novella is part of The Twelve Brides of Summer (Barbour; June 2016). It’s a sequel to The Yuletide Bride, featuring the same cast of characters with a few new additions to Fairhope, Nebraska.

The story

Bumbling teamster Malcolm MacDougall vies with suave banker Josiah Finch for the hand of the lively hat maker Sally Martin after a tornado touches down in the neighboring communities.

While Josiah sees an opportunity to make plenty of money to support a potential bride in style, Malcolm adds up the facts against his Bible and realizes helping those in need is more important than turning a profit.

When Sally’s hats become the stylish rage of southeastern Nebraska, will she choose a teamster or a banker for her life’s happiness?


“In Sunbonnet Bride Michelle draws us immediately into the story with a vivid and accurate description of impending tornado and storm. The story goes on to address the aftermath and the protagonist’s romantic conflicts with relatable settings and believable characters of quiet lived faith which add density to a short space of words. As always, when finished, I’m taken by surprise that it is over so soon and am left wanting to know what happens to them next.” ~Amazon reviewer

The Sunbonnet Bride by Michelle Ule was a fantastic story showing the importance of a godly character of generosity to others. I found this story difficult to put down.” ~Amazon Reviewer



Examples of reed flutes, including a painted one.

Intended as a sequel to The Yuletide Bride, The Sunbonnet Bride visits the same southeastern Nebraska six months later to explore money management with a little musical twist.

Newlyweds Kate and Ewan–and those bagpipes, not to mention reed flutes–also play a role in telling a fun story set against both weather drama and heart-choices.

My experience as a Navy-Marine Corps budget counselor along with Bible studies I’ve taught about the uses for money, added a different twist on a community trying to meet a need.

I’ve long been a seamstress and even made a sunbonnet of my own many years ago–which turned up in a recent move!

SunbonnetSally and her sister Lena’s interest in sewing and embroidery were easy to write about.

I even wore the sunbonnet when writing for inspiration!

Select Quotations

*“My sunbonnet kept trying to blow away, but I tied it tight. It’s so clever, the way you made it with the reed giving the brim shape. You should make more and tell ladies they’re twister proof!”

*“I saw how you got in there and worked. That pretty boy never got his hands dirty.”

* “I brought sarsaparilla. It’s what they call a ‘soft’ drink and very popular in Clarkesville.”

*“There’s nothing wrong with turning a small profit,”

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Writing Sample

From The Sunbonnet Bride:

“One man’s loss is another’s opportunity. I hope he fares well. I must return to work. Good day.” Josiah tipped his hat and exited. They watched him step carefully down the boardwalk to the bank on the corner.

Lena stared after him. “He doesn’t look like he’s ever walked behind a plow.”

“No. But then, he’s never needed to.” Sally picked up her needle.

Financial security was the reward for hard work and often the result of creative activity. Josiah had told her so at the dance and she meant to prove it in her own life. Sally had plans for the future and they involved a dress shop of her own.

She looked at her sister’s freshly embroidered bonnet and wondered if it might hold a key to her future.



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