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Am I a Pharisee?

Am I a Pharisee like those Jewish scholars in the Gospels? Sometimes I can see where they’re coming from when they challenge Jesus again and again in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John’s books of the New Testament. Not all the time; but they’re such splendid targets to disdain. Except when their misunderstandings and words echo in […]

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Safeguards: Bible and Imagination


What safeguards do imaginative teachers and writers use when turning to the Bible? I talked about imagination and the Bible in my last post here. But because we believe the Bible is truth, it’s important to accurately understand it and to be careful not to let our imaginations run wild. Can heresy can come from an […]

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Imagination and the Bible


I use my imagination all the time when reading the Bible. I put imagination to good use when I teach Bible study. But what does that mean? For me, it started when our youth pastor, Paul Anderson, asked, “imagine how the older brother feels,” when discussing the parable of The Prodigal Son. I was a new-to-Christianity 15 year-old […]

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Devotions: Bible Reading

Bible reading

The Importance of Devotions: Bible Reading This part 2 of a series. You can read part 1 here. The most important part of my daily devotions is reading the Bible. The Bible is the Word of God, “inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness” (2 Tim 3:16; NASB) and “is living […]

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Devotions: Or Quiet Time?

Quiet time

The Importance of  Having Daily Devotions or a Quiet Time (Four part talk given at New Life Church, Ukiah, CA; June 18, 2016) The measure of the worth of our public activity for God is the private profound communion we have with Him.… We have to pitch our tents where we shall always have quiet […]

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