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My Utmost: A Century of Devotion

Century of Devotion, My Utmost, Wheaton College, Discovery House Publishers, David McCasland, Macy Halford, My Utmost for His HIghest, Dan Haase

I visited Wheaton College on October 20 to attended My Utmost: A Century of Devotion, the life and legacy of Oswald Chambers. My invitation came from The Oswald Chambers Publication Association, Ltd. (OCPAL), Wheaton College and Discovery House Publishers. The invitation came months ago, my husband and I bought our plane tickets and looked forward […]

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A Biddy Interview with Her Biographer

Interview, Mrs. Oswald Chambers, biographer, Oswald Chambers, Michelle Ule, David McCasland, Oxford, My Utmost for His Highest, writing a biography

Biddy Chambers turned the tables to interview her biographer–me. This is all imaginary–she died before I turned ten–but it’s fun for me as I prepare to launch Mrs. Oswald Chambers. (You can read my questions to Biddy here, here and here.) The genesis behind this imaginary interview blog series is, when I enter heaven, Biddy […]

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Pinterest and the Hunt for Research Information

Pinterest SEALs

I’ve discovered Pinterest as a new tool in my research toolbox. Like many, I didn’t pay it much mind when it first appeared on the social media scene. I had more pressing matters to seek out using my trusty pal Google. But when a friend posted the covers of her books on a Pinterest page, […]

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