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Is Humility Good for the Soul?

Humility is good for my soul, thank you very much. How about yours? I get lots of practice being humble–when I’m not vexed, frustrated or calling for my engineer husband. My Bible study ladies have been laughing at me lately as, each Tuesday morning, I’ve tried to follow directions for the DVD player and the […]

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Playing Poohsticks and Raising Children

“Let’s visit the bridge and play Poohsticks,” I suggested to my husband. We were out for a walk after nearly a week of monsoon rain in Northern California. We could hear the seasonal creek rushing from two blocks away. “That creek won’t be high enough,” my husband laughed. But we peered over the barrier anyway. It reminded […]

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An Angel Quiz for Christmas

Angel quiz

How about an Angel Quiz if you’ve run out of ideas for Christmas entertainment? In the past, I’ve hosted Angel parties where people brought an exchange gift with an angel theme. I’ve served angelic food like Angel food cake and meringues as soft as angel’s wings. We played a version of the trading game, sang […]

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A Cookie Party for Christmas


My daughter has held a cookie party to celebrate Christmas for the last 16 years. It started when she was in fourth grade. She invited four or five friends to join her the last day of school before Christmas break. I picked them up, we went to the movies and then came home to bake […]

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Making a Memory Souvenir

memory souvenir

One of my relatives visited Pike Place Market in Seattle recently and took home a memory souvenir. What’s a memory souvenir? Not an actual item, necessarily, but an experience that triggers a pleasant memory. Here’s the nine-second video: She didn’t need to buy anything, she took a picture to remember a fun outing. How it works This […]

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