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A Junk Drawer for Comfort

Junk drawer, comfort, Sonoma County fires, Clutter Free, Kathi Lipp, paperclips, recovering from a fire, hurricane disasters

One major junk drawer and two auxiliaries take up 30% of the drawers in my kitchen. That’s a pretty big number. (Don’t tell my friend, Kathi Lipp, who wrote the book Clutter Free). I always felt a ashamed of those drawers until this week. Junk and the fires Here in northern California, we’re still dealing […]

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Clapping My Hands in Joy Instead of Pain

While clapping my hands this morning in my dance class, I marveled at the lack of pain. Seven years ago, on 1/11/11, when I joined the health club, my hands were a mess. But other health issues drove me, a woman who had walked three miles a day for twenty-five years, to the gym. I […]

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How to Choose a Year of Deliberate Grace

deliberate grace, forgiveness, patience, love, joy, gentleness, Fruit of the Spirit, Jesus, God's love, extending grace, overlooking discomfort, sin

I’m going to choose a year of deliberate grace in 2018. My world needs it. I need it. God stresses it. It will make the people I love happier–in part because the peace which passes all understanding should reign. Right? What is deliberate grace? A choice to extend grace to an individual, organization or event […]

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Perspective on Grief: How Long Until it Doesn’t Hurt?

perspective on grief, death at Christmas, how long until the hurting from a loved one's death goes away, how long do you mourn, holiday grieving, funerals

I have some perspective on grief this Christmas. I don’t know how long it will be before I don’t miss my mother any more. This year, however, it was better. Every year it gets a little better. It doesn’t mean her memory isn’t important; it always will be important. The searing heat and hatred of […]

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The Importance of the Arts in Crisis

arts in crisis, the importance of arts in crisis, Santa Rosa fires, children, dancing, singing, drawing, coloring, Mad Libs

My family has learned the importance of the arts in crisis. We’ve just come through the Sonoma County fires and the arts helped. How? When you have six adults, five children, three cats and a dog evacuated from home for a week, you need anything you can get to ease the tension. The children, in […]

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