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Research Library–a Dangerous Spot?

A research library can be more dangerous than you think. I, for one, have felt my life potentially in danger while visiting three. Let this be a warning to you. Researchers may look nerdy and pale, but behind our flashing glasses we could be superheroes. Here are three tales. A Midwest Research Library. I spent […]

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How Composer David Voss Composes

Our young friend Composer David Voss, composed an Easter cantata this year. We had a long conversation about how he composed it and I saw parallels with the writing life. So, that’s what this post is about–composing and the writing life. It also will introduce you to a fine composer and his music. Who is […]

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Kali, the Feisty Cat: an Elegy

We had to put down our feisty cat recently. Kali was 21.5 years old, a feral native of O’ahu. She and I had a love-hate relationship. Everyone else in the family loved her. The only cat our daughter every knew, the whip-thin, yowling tortoiseshell Kali survived and reinvented herself at least four times. Hawai’i I […]

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Learning to Read: the World Becomes Knowable!

A seven year-old sweetheart in our life is learning to read. “It’s so amazing,” she told me. “Everywhere I look I see words to read!” When we sat together with an open book, her younger sister told me not to bother, “she can read it now herself.” (I continued reading. I’m more fluid than she is, especially […]

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A Visit to a Submarine Museum–or Remembering Old Friends

We visited the submarine museum in Pearl Harbor recently. For my young adult daughter, it was fun to see the boats. For me, it was like old home week as I saw many submarines I knew in person, fact and fiction. It gets that way when you spend 20 years of your life linked to […]

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