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Biddy Chambers’ Bible–A Scofield Reference

Biddy Chambers' Bible, Mrs. Oswald Chambers,, Oswald Chambers

Someone recently asked me about Biddy Chambers’ Bible. I’d forgotten all about it. (So you won’t find it discussed–her Bible–in Mrs. Oswald Chambers.) As it happens, I’ve seen Biddy’s Bible, paged through it, took photos and marveled, at Wheaton College‘s Special Collections Library. No surprise, she wore it out. What version was Biddy Chambers’ Bible? […]

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The Drama of High-Rez Photos

High-rez photos are “high resolution photos.” High resolution photos are needed for sharpness of image when printing. It’s based on the number of pixels–the higher the number, the more dense the photo, the clearer it will print. While writing Mrs. Oswald Chambers, I discovered how important they are–especially for research. Low resolution While researching Oswald […]

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Happy Wedding Day, Oswald and Biddy!

Oswald and Biddy Chambers’ celebrated their wedding on May 25, 1910. A small gathering met at Walford Green Memorial Wesleyan Methodist Church in Eltham, for the nuptials of Miss Gertrude Annie Hobbs and Mr. Oswald Chambers. An almost ideal day, the weather provided bright and clear skies, a cooling breeze from the north and a high of 62 degrees. […]

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Biddy and Oswald Chambers: Tourists


Tourists would not be the first description that comes to mind about Biddy and Oswald Chambers. Yet, they traveled together often. They went with a purpose and worked, but occasionally took time off for some fun. (The photo in the pinnable, by the way, is the only silly one of Oswald I’ve seen.) Meeting They met […]

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Generous Family Members–Ancestry Part 4

family members

Generous family members contributed to my research while writing Mrs. Oswald Chambers. posts information from people all over the world. People upload their family histories and share their data, stories and even photos. Their generosity makes researcher’s tasks much simpler. Uploading a family tree By simply uploading family trees, many genealogists provided me with information I sought. Knowing a […]

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