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Hiking Diamond Head

Diamond Head

My eyes always went to Diamond Head when we traveled toward Honolulu. Our family lived on O’ahu for four years and the craggy extinct volcano rearing over Waikiki Beach was my daily reminder we lived on an island. I’ve seen it in all sorts of dramatic lights and enjoyed the view each time. We visit it […]

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A Helicopter Ride in Kaua’i

So we rode a helicopter in Kaua’i. It was not on my bucket list. I never wanted to take a helicopter ride. It was the easiest way for me, however, to see something on my bucket list: the Na Pali Coast. Our daughter thought it sounded like a lot of fun. So up we went. […]

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Mom’s Charm Bracelet of Memories

charm bracelet

When I opened the velvet box and saw a silver charm bracelet, my eyes widened. “Where did you find Mom’s charm bracelet from Europe?” My brother grinned. “It’s a funny thing about siblings. We know things that no one else knows. “When I saw this charm bracelet at the antique shop, I knew you’d love […]

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Following Biddy’s Steps

Biddy's steps

Following Biddy’s steps took us to several spots in 2013 London. I was hunting details for a novel about Oswald and Biddy Chambers. We began the morning in Clapham Common, looking for the beautiful building where the Chambers couple lived. The Bible Training College I had the address of the Bible Training College Oswald and Biddy ran, so visiting […]

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The EMT, an Ambulance and Some Cub Scouts


What is your reaction when you see an ambulance barreling down the road at you, lights flashing and siren wailing? Does your heart leap into your throat and your blood pressure soar? Do you pull over (like you’re supposed to) to the right and wait until the ambulance passes? Or, do you ignore the excitement […]

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