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Appreciating the National Parks with a Novel Series

My friend Karen Barnett launched a new “vintage” National Parks historical novel series this month. If you love history, national parks, romance and the surprising political events that touch the parks, you may enjoy her books. Barnett is certainly enthusiastic: “I’ve always had a passion for our national parks and for wilderness, and I actually […]

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Learning to Read: the World Becomes Knowable!

A seven year-old sweetheart in our life is learning to read. “It’s so amazing,” she told me. “Everywhere I look I see words to read!” When we sat together with an open book, her younger sister told me not to bother, “she can read it now herself.” (I continued reading. I’m more fluid than she is, especially […]

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Biddy and Oswald Chambers: Tourists


Tourists would not be the first description that comes to mind about Biddy and Oswald Chambers. Yet, they traveled together often. They went with a purpose and worked, but occasionally took time off for some fun. (The photo in the pinnable, by the way, is the only silly one of Oswald I’ve seen.) Meeting They met […]

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A Visit to a Submarine Museum–or Remembering Old Friends

We visited the submarine museum in Pearl Harbor recently. For my young adult daughter, it was fun to see the boats. For me, it was like old home week as I saw many submarines I knew in person, fact and fiction. It gets that way when you spend 20 years of your life linked to […]

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Hiking Diamond Head

Diamond Head

My eyes always went to Diamond Head when we traveled toward Honolulu. Our family lived on O’ahu for four years and the craggy extinct volcano rearing over Waikiki Beach was my daily reminder we lived on an island. I’ve seen it in all sorts of dramatic lights and enjoyed the view each time. We visit it […]

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