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How to Support a Missionary

Missionary, ways to support a missionary without sending money, Visiting a missionary, physically helping a missionary, prayer support, encouragement

Are there ways to support a missionary beyond sending money? I’ve been reading about missionaries quite a bit the last several years. Certainly, we donate to missionaries. But recently, I realized we can help a missionary without handing out any money at all. Indeed, there are several ways. Prayer When a good friend lived with […]

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In America with Biddy and Oswald Chambers

America, Oswald Chambers in America, Juji Nakada, Biddy Chambers, Revivalist Press, God's Bible School, Biblical Psychology, Sermon on the Mount

America held a special spot in Biddy and Oswald Chambers‘ hearts. Oswald Chambers visited the United States four different times. Biddy visited twice. They loved Americans and they enjoyed traveling in the country. The new world gave Oswald and Biddy their first international publication opportunities. His first two books, Biblical Psychology in 1912, and The […]

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A 4th of July in Maine

Many years ago, we spent our 4th of July in Maine. As I told the kids at the time, “this is a real, old-fashioned, American 4th of July. Enjoy it.” Staying with friends not far from Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, we began the morning with a drive to the coast. We hiked at Rachel Carson National Wild […]

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Appreciating the National Parks with a Novel Series

My friend Karen Barnett launched a new “vintage” National Parks historical novel series this month. If you love history, national parks, romance and the surprising political events that touch the parks, you may enjoy her books. Barnett is certainly enthusiastic: “I’ve always had a passion for our national parks and for wilderness, and I actually […]

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Learning to Read: the World Becomes Knowable!

A seven year-old sweetheart in our life is learning to read. “It’s so amazing,” she told me. “Everywhere I look I see words to read!” When we sat together with an open book, her younger sister told me not to bother, “she can read it now herself.” (I continued reading. I’m more fluid than she is, especially […]

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