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The EMT, an Ambulance and Some Cub Scouts


What is your reaction when you see an ambulance barreling down the road at you, lights flashing and siren wailing? Does your heart leap into your throat and your blood pressure soar? Do you pull over (like you’re supposed to) to the right and wait until the ambulance passes? Or, do you ignore the excitement […]

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Making a Memory Souvenir

memory souvenir

One of my relatives visited Pike Place Market in Seattle recently and took home a memory souvenir. What’s a memory souvenir? Not an actual item, necessarily, but an experience that triggers a pleasant memory. Here’s the nine-second video: She didn’t need to buy anything, she took a picture to remember a fun outing. How it works This […]

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Reading Dracula in Transylvania


Of course I thought of Dracula when I saw the wedding would take place in Transylvania. Wouldn’t you? I knew nothing about Transylvania other than Dracula–but had a passing familiarity with the story–vampire, Bela Lugosi and a castle. Dracula appeared in my favorite Abbot and Costello Film: Abbot and Costello meet the Wolfman. I knew about […]

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To the Dungeness Spit Lighthouse

We recently hiked the 5.5 miles to the Dungeness Spit Lighthouse and back. Yes, that is 11 miles in a four hour trip. It was a perfect day and I could not take a bad picture with my phone. Enjoy! I wrote about the hike itself, and why, in my last post here. One hour into […]

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Hiking Dungeness Spit


We’ve been talking about hiking Dungeness Spit again for years. When we lived in western Washington long ago, we would travel two hours north to walk on the narrow beach that bends into the Straits of Juan de Fuca near Sequim. It’s a 5.5 mile hike from where you enter a park to a lighthouse perched on the end–basically […]

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