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Totem Poles and Christmas (Reprise)

totem pole

A Christmas-themed totem pole is a key element in my recently published The Gold Rush Christmas, and highlights the creative way in which the nativity story can be expressed. In my story,  adult twins Samantha and Peter journey to Alaska in search of their missionary father during the 1897 Gold Rush. The boy next door,  seminary […]

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Cultural Sensitivity in Fiction

cultural sensitivity

How much cultural sensitivity do you need to have while writing a novel? My friend Kathleen read “The Gold Rush Christmas” and wrote me a note of appreciation, however making an interesting observation:   “I was leery of the totem pole, when I heard you had one in the story. However, I appreciated how it was used […]

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12 Days of A Pioneer Christmas: Vickie McDonough

Vickie McDonough

Vickie McDonough Vickie McDonough is the author of 28 novels and novellas, including the Texas Trails: Morgan Family,  Texas Boardinghouse Brides and A Pioneer Christmas. What made you write about your time period? I love historical novels and I chose 1889 because it was the year of the first Oklahoma land run. I wanted my story to […]

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12 Days of a Pioneer Christmas: Shannon McNear

Join or Die flag

Shannon McNear              In her debut novella, “Defending Truth,” South Carolina writer Shannon McNear describes a surprising romance between a fugitive Tory militiaman, and a young patriot woman in charge of her siblings while her father fights during the Revolutionary War. It’s the first story chronologically in the September 1 release of Barbour Publishing’s A […]

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12 Days of a Pioneer Christmas: Marcia Gruver

Marcia Gruver happily ever after

Marcia Gruver Author Marcia Gruver writes historical fiction set in the Old West. A Texas native, her latest release, Hunter’s Prize, was published in July, 2013 and is part of the Backwoods Brides series. Marcia talks about her upcoming A Pioneer Christmas Collection novella, “A Badlands Christmas,” with co-writer Kathleen Fuller. What made you write about […]

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