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Advent, Waiting and Childhood


I’d never heard of Advent during my childhood. I knew about waiting for Christmas, but not that the month of December encompassed Advent. Advent, of course, is all about waiting for the coming of Christ into the world. A recent article by Eric Metaxas, does a fine job of exploring Too Much Christmas, Too Little Advent? […]

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Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. My family is spending this week in a myriad of activities. As members of a Lutheran Church choir, we’ll be singing the wonderful music of Christmas–in four-part harmony. We sang a variety of songs on Sunday night at the annual Christmas concert. I’ve been playing my clarinet all  season long for […]

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Advent: Elizabeth and Mary

Advent, Elizabeth and Mary, John the Baptist, Zecharias, Luke 1, Jesus, Christmas story, Jesus, Christmas story, nativity, pregnancy

The Advent story includes not one but two surprise pregnancies: that of Zacharias‘ wife Elizabeth and her kinswoman Mary. As noted last week, once Zacharias returned from the shocking visit by the angel Gabriel, he knew his past-childbearing-aged wife, Elizabeth. Just as Gabriel predicted, Elizabeth became pregnant. She went into seclusion and stayed that way […]

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Advent: Zacharias and the Angel

Zacharias and Gabriel

The Advent story begins with Zacharias meeting the angel Gabriel–as found in Luke 1. Somehow over the years, I’d missed several interesting aspects of this event. Let’s start with the first: who were Zacharias and his wife Elizabeth? Members of the Aaron line, they both came from the family of priests. In 4 BC, which […]

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