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An Amateur, Passion and the Civil War

The word amateur comes from the Latin base, amator, to love. We’ve taken that word and turned it into a person who loves something so inordinately passionately that they don’t care if it has any monetary value. Amateurs love something for the sake of loving it–and they usually want to share that passion with everyone they […]

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POWs, Horror and Hope

Vietnam POW bracelet

Like many, I grew up on sanitized versions of prisoner of war (POW) camps made famous by movies such as Stalag 17 or The Great Escape, not to mention the TV program Hogan’s Heroes. But some of the heroes of my childhood included the Vietnam POWs. I wore a metal bracelet with Lt. Thomas Sima’s […]

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Writing a Novel: Call the Vet!

Norwegian horse

The heart of any novel is the research, which is why so many cling to the old adage “write what you know.” It’s smart, of course, to write out of your own experience–you can draw on your reactions, you know what things sound, taste and smell like, you have an innate understanding of the underlying […]

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Using Genealogy to Write a Novel

Three of the four books I’ve written have been “on assignment.” I was given circumstances (Log Cabins, Christmas, Texas, Pioneers, brides) and concocted stories to fit. It wasn’t particularly difficult for me–I just had to visit my family history, Pioneer Stock, to find pertinent information. Genealogy can provide your family with plenty of discussion topics and can […]

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Getting By with Lots of Help from Friends!

I’ve just sent off my most recent novella, An Inconvenient Gamble, to the editor. She’ll read the manuscript, take notes and in a week or two send me  suggestions on how to improve it. I like that part of the writing process, the collaboration with someone who learns my story well. The arguing about plot ideas and words invigorates […]

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