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On Being Published: 5 Years Later


I was first published five years ago and my life changed. It didn’t make me wealthier, more popular or stunningly beautiful, though I am thinner (5.5 years in the gym), far more tired (far less sleep)and more harried than I was raising children. I even drink coffee, which I eschewed for my entire previous life. […]

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This Writer and Her Friends

Writing is notoriously a solitary work, but this writer could not do her job without her writer friends. The fact I’ve been part of five different novella collections means I’ve worked with other writers my entire career. But two writers in particular have been with me through half these collections and I want to talk […]

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Yuletide Bride: The Bagpipes


I’ve written before about my affection for bagpipes, but they knew no bounds until I wrote my Christmas novella, The Yuletide Bride. Bagpipes play a central role in the story and are part of its charm (in my opinion). Kate comes from a Scottish family now living in Nebraska, 1874. While hunting in her grandmother’s […]

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Mary Connealy: 12 Brides of Christmas

Connealy Twelve Brides of Christmas

Mary Connealy and The Advent Bride Mary Connealy’s The Advent Bride is the heart warming tale of an orphaned school marm using a puzzle box to spark healing in the hearts of a widowed sheriff and his rascal son, The Advent Bride makes for a satisfying holiday read. What is a puzzle box?  “I’ve wanted to use a […]

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