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How to Choose a Fall Bible Study

Bible Study, how to choose a Bible study, what Bible book should we study in the fall? God's will, teaching Scripture, Bible study choices.

“How will we choose our fall Bible study?” My co-teacher stopped in the aisle of the Christian book store. “Shouldn’t we pray?” “I assume you have been praying,” I said. She nodded. “Is there a study in particular you want to do?” “I didn’t really get an answer,” she said. “Maybe we should pray again?” I shrugged. […]

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How I Recognize God’s Voice

I heard God’s voice today. Oh, not in an audible way, but in a clearly recognizable way. This is how. As a writer, I understand “voice” is a term for how I differentiate my characters from each other in a manuscript. Readers should be able to read my dialogue and recognize which character is speaking without being told–because they […]

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How I Prepare to Lead Bible Study

Bible study

This is how I prepare to lead Bible study. I’ve already written about the reason why we study the Bible after that initial read, here. I’ve been teaching Bible study pretty much since I graduated from college back in the Dark Ages. Because of our military lifestyle, I’ve led Bible studies in all four corners […]

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WHY Study the Bible? 5 Reasons


“I don’t understand about Bible study. I read it once, isn’t that enough?” My acquaintance’s earnest question made me laughed out loud. Um, no. I’ve studied the Bible since I became a Christian in the dark ages of my teen years. I’ve led, facilitated or taught Bible study for 30 years. I read it daily. […]

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Six Keys to writing Christian Devotionals

How do authors write Christian devotionals? Obviously, the earliest writers like Theresa of Avila wrote under compulsion from God–in her case out of her mysticism. Writers want to share what God has put on their hearts, or because they have wisdom to help others deepen their relationships to God. I recently spoke with four contemporary devotional […]

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