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The Innocence of a Novelist


A novelist can be accused of many things but innocence hardly seems likely. It’s such a peculiar life, sitting at  a desk typing stories into a keyboard and screen. Real life goes on around you, but while you’re in the story, that’s where your focus lies. You start feeling proprietary about places and events. Whenever […]

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What Happens at a Book Launch?

Scuba diver on land

When you think of a book launch party, do you imagine a New York City penthouse with waiters, stacks of the book, cigarette smoke, fantastic food, champagne and perhaps dramatic evening wear? Maybe a party like the type Nick and Nora Charles used to throw? When we planned the launch for my Bridging Two Hearts, […]

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Some Thoughts on Fears and Phobias

 “To be afraid of, expect with alarm.” ~ Webster’s Dictionary “Fear is the ability to recognize danger leading to an urge to confront it or flee from it.” ~Wikipedia “Fear not.” ~ The Angel Gabriel and others “Do not fear.”~ Jesus. “False Evidence Appearing Real” ~Somewhere on the Internet Fear is also one of the […]

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What’s a Guy Romance Novel, Anyway?

Guest blogger: Mr. Romance himself, my husband! Michelle recently received a review which among positive comments complained her latest novel, Bridging Two Hearts, didn’t have enough romance. As she was sharing her feelings with me I replied, “Well, what do you expect, you write guy romance.” She had no idea of what I was talking […]

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Do You Have a Need to Know?

Poster warning loose lips might sink ships

For 20 years I held a security clearance with the United States Navy. Not because I was in the Navy, though I had an ID card, but because I was married to someone in the Navy. I needed to have a clearance so I could know when he was coming and going. Loose Lips Sink […]

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