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The Importance of the Arts in Crisis

arts in crisis, the importance of arts in crisis, Santa Rosa fires, children, dancing, singing, drawing, coloring, Mad Libs

My family has learned the importance of the arts in crisis. We’ve just come through the Sonoma County fires and the arts helped. How? When you have six adults, five children, three cats and a dog evacuated from home for a week, you need anything you can get to ease the tension. The children, in […]

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Playing Poohsticks and Raising Children

“Let’s visit the bridge and play Poohsticks,” I suggested to my husband. We were out for a walk after nearly a week of monsoon rain in Northern California. We could hear the seasonal creek rushing from two blocks away. “That creek won’t be high enough,” my husband laughed. But we peered over the barrier anyway. It reminded […]

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Letting Go: A Book is Like a Child

letting go

The process of letting go of a manuscript is a lot like sending a child into the world. I’ve done it a number of times (manuscripts AND children) and it doesn’t get any easier. I sent a manuscript to my editor this week; a book I’ve been researching and writing for nearly two years. It’s close […]

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Oswald Chambers and Children


Oswald Chambers loved children. Even as an itinerant preacher traveling about the British Isles on behalf of the League of Prayer, he was known for his fondness and wish to have the children come unto him. During those years, he traveled by train from city to city teaching on spiritual issues and lodged with League supporters […]

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Helping Families Through Holiday Grief

helping families through holiday grief, children, nativity scenes, Christmas cookies, death at Christmas, practical tips for mourning

A friend is dying this Christmas season and I’ve been thinking about how to help families through holiday grief. My friend is elderly and ready to go home to God; her family accepts that and have loved her well. But what if she were young and had children at home? What can we do to […]

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