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An Amateur, Passion and the Civil War

The word amateur comes from the Latin base, amator, to love. We’ve taken that word and turned it into a person who loves something so inordinately passionately that they don’t care if it has any monetary value. Amateurs love something for the sake of loving it–and they usually want to share that passion with everyone they […]

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Civil War Dresses: Of Corset Hurts

Beautiful Civil War dresses

How much thought have you given to a corset? It’s challenging to write an historical novel if you’re not sure what the clothes are like. How many of us have read Gone with the Wind and wondered if Scarlett really could have an 18 inch waist and still breathe? The answer is probably not. Recent […]

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Traveler’s Tales: Civil War Days

I’m finishing up a novella that takes place in 1867 Texas (An Inconvenient Gamble) and then I’m returning to my novel about Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan and his wife Mattie Ready. Since this is the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, it’s a great time to revisit the history, particularly with the ready access of […]

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