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Privacy and the Biographer

How does a biographer deal with privacy issues? As in, what if you stumble on something intimate, do you share or do you shield? Or perhaps, side-step? What would you do if you found a comment like this by your subject’s only child: “She was always very hesitant, you see, I mean a lot of […]

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A Writer’s Emotions and The End

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When I typed The End last night, I began to shake. Finished, done, completed–at least the rough draft. I sat back in my computer chair, put my hands to my face and sobbed. While a writer is like God as she writes her book, plans her story, incorporates facts and hunts for words, this writer […]

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Who Wrote My Utmost for His Highest and How? Part II

Utmost: Biddy Chambers' typewriter

The well-loved devotional My Utmost for His Highest was first published in 1927–and has never been out of print since. Part 1 examined where the ideas and writing came from, but how was the devotional written if Oswald Chambers died in 1917? Through the hard work of a devout and determined woman, of course. After Oswald […]

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Two Years with Oswald Chambers

Spurgeon Utmost: Oswald Chambers Biddy

I’ve actually spent fifteen years reading Oswald Chambers‘ famous My Utmost for His Highest, but the last two years have been memorably intense. My life is richer for it, in unexpected ways. It started in summer, 2012 when we purchased a copy of David McCasland’s biography Oswald Chambers: Abandoned to God. My husband and I […]

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Holding Oswald Chambers’ Bible: the (Literal) Book that Changed My Life

devotional book Utmost

I don’t know, exactly, when I first got a copy of Oswald Chambers’ My Utmost for His Highest. It’s a paperback, and I’m pretty sure it cost $5. I don’t think I bought it, though. I think someone gave to me, or perhaps to my Sunday School teacher husband. But about 12 years ago I picked it up […]

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