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Perspective on Grief: How Long Until it Doesn’t Hurt?

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I have some perspective on grief this Christmas. I don’t know how long it will be before I don’t miss my mother any more. This year, however, it was better. Every year it gets a little better. It doesn’t mean her memory isn’t important; it always will be important. The searing heat and hatred of […]

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Blog Post # 500

Blog post # 500

This is blog post # 500. As in, the five hundredth post I’ve posted. But, forgive me for indulging today. I’m celebrating. When I began this blog in January 2011, I wrote for the love of sharing my thoughts and experiences and also for promoting my first novella, The Dogtrot Christmas. I had little idea, […]

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Death at Christmas: Six Ways to Cope

Ways to Cope with Christmas Death

Six ways to cope with a death at Christmas. On a December 22, I signed the paperwork to remove my mother from life support systems. We buried her December 26. That was the worst Christmas of my entire life. I’ve never felt the same way about the holiday since. Oh, yes, I know it celebrates […]

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