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Lent and Life with Amy Boucher Pye

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Lent can be a mystery for many non-liturgical Christians. In a recent interview, author Amy Boucher Pye discussed what it means and how to observe it. I’m currently reading her new book: The Living Cross: Exploring God’s Gift of Forgiveness and New Life. An American  married to a English clergyman, Amy lives with her family […]

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The Good Friday Passion of Tenebrae

The Tenebrae service is our favorite service during Lent at our Lutheran church. From the Latin for shadows or darkness, Tenebrae is an ancient service that underscores the solemnity of Jesus’s last day on earth as a man. The solemn, sober service takes place on Good Friday. Tenebrae services usually involve candles lit in a darkened […]

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Holy Saturday: Now What?

Holy Saturday

Every year on “Holy Saturday,” I wonder what Jesus was doing. We finished Good Friday with a somber Tenebrae service, which usually leaves me silent and reflective. I know the hallelujahs, white lilies and terrific music of Easter Sunday are coming. (Along with breaking my annual chocolate fast with . . .  plenty) But Holy Saturday catches me […]

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What Does it Take to Kill Jesus?

Kill Jesus

What did the Romans have to do to kill Jesus on Good Friday? Nothing. They were pawns in God’s hand. That’s not exactly true. They had to play along with Pontius Pilate, who was manipulated by the High Priest Caiphas and his minions–men who decided it was better that one man should die (Jesus) than […]

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