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The End as a Beginning

The end

Even as I type the glorious words “the end” at the bottom of the page, I know it’s actually just the beginning. Here are the steps I take when beginning a manuscript revision that can only start when I think I’m finished. Recognize I’m not done yet. Sure, I’ve said it was the end, but for […]

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Writing Mania’s Grip

writing mania

I’m in the midst of writing mania these days. It’s glorious. It’s exhausting. It’s numbing. It’s an adrenaline high and I’ll be happy when it’s done. What is writing mania? Let me describe Saturday to you. I’ve been trapped in a wild writing cycle all week long–waking early, writing for several hours, then living a […]

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Writer/Editor Spotlight: Becky Miller

Becky Miller

I’m asked occasionally about the writing life and editors. Today I’m interviewing a friend from both worlds: Becky Miller. Becky Miller and I met ten years ago at Mount Hermon Christian Writer’s Conference when we were in the same critique group (facilitated by the wonderful Gayle Roper). Our eight-member critique group spent four days together […]

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Four Tips to Start Rewriting a Novel

Rewriting a novel

 I’ve begun rewriting a novel. It’s an intimidating process to pick up a manuscript you’ve slaved over for, in my case, fifteen months and realize it needs to be redone. How do you even start? This is where I am today, with Four tips on how to start rewriting a novel: Click to Tweet 1. […]

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Total Joy! The Rewrite!

Rewrite, joy of rewriting, writing corrections, writing process, novels, authors, writing process, editing, Yuletide Bride

Don’t you love to rewrite? Not just your manuscript, but your whole life? Does an eraser on the end of a pencil give you comfort? Are you thrilled with the cut and paste feature that comes with word processing? Do you feel an enormous sense of relief that there is no sin God will not […]

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