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An (Imagined) Biddy Chambers Interview (Part 2)

I’d love to conduct a Biddy Chambers interview. I have so many questions. I’m just not sure she’d answer them. (See part 1 of this Chambers interview fantasy here). Take, for example, why she went to Egypt. Traveling to Egypt MU: What were you thinking? BC: “I was no different than any other woman serious […]

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How a Map Can Make a Difference


I’ve just found a map that makes everything clear. I’ve only been trying to figure out the location of the YMCA camp at Zeitoun, Egypt to to the nearby ANZAC army camp for three years. Today, while I was hunting “Suez Canal Authority Headquarters Ismailia WWI,” on Google, it turned up. The map has nothing to […]

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Oswald Chambers’ Death and Burial

Oswald Chambers death

I’ve spent the last year writing a book that features Oswald Chambers. Last week I wrote about his death. Controversy rages about whether he died foolishly or within God‘s timing. I made my case here. The facts are straight forward. Living in a YMCA camp in Egypt and preparing to join the British troops as […]

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Pinterest and the Hunt for Research Information

Pinterest SEALs

I’ve discovered Pinterest as a new tool in my research toolbox. Like many, I didn’t pay it much mind when it first appeared on the social media scene. I had more pressing matters to seek out using my trusty pal Google. But when a friend posted the covers of her books on a Pinterest page, […]

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Travel Guides and Writing Historical Fiction

Travel Guides

I’ve been consulting the travel guides recently as I write a novel set in World War I Egypt. I’ve personally visited the other locations in my novel, but I won’t be able to travel to Cairo anytime soon, perhaps never. That doesn’t, however, get me off the hook for writing intelligently about a land far […]

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