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The Family’s Slides–and What to Do with Them

Sorting my family’s ancient slides took a few days to accomplish. My brother unearthed them from the attic and we were curious to know what was in them. The other brother bought a single slide viewer–no one had a projector anymore–and I went through the batch. Our slides were kept in a long box (not […]

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Scan the Photos!


While I went to spend Thanksgiving with my family, I had another goal as well: scan the family photos! Have you scanned yours? Why not? I started talking to relatives in August, asking them to bring family photos to Thanksgiving and I’d bring my scanner. It’s portable and I attach it to my laptop. A few […]

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Why Go Home for Thanksgiving?


Several weeks before Thanksgiving many years ago, the clouds threatened snow in Connecticut. It was a Saturday and my submariner had been out to sea way too long. He wouldn’t be coming home for awhile. Money was tight, as it so often is when you have small children and are paying a mortgage. My entire family–aunts, uncles, […]

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How Someone Else’s Wedding Changed Me


We spent the weekend at a beautiful family wedding that exceeded any ceremony I’ve ever witnessed. Probably a third of the guests were my relatives and the mini-family reunion coupled with a gorgeous bride and handsome groom, with every detail flowing perfectly, made for a terrific celebration. As we relieved that glorious evening on Facebook […]

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Real Life and Point of View

Point of view

Because I’m a writer, I think a lot about point of view in the literature sense, but I also think it’s germane to real life. I thought about that concept this week after seeing this meme on Facebook (I don’t know who did it or I’d give them credit) This is an excellent example of […]

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