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Research Frenzy and the Boys in the Basement

Research frenzy

I’ve been in a research frenzy recently. 18 months after beginning work on this book, I’ve suddenly turned up information I’ve sought a long time. How many times have I sifted through the depths of hunting details? Apparently, not enough. I spent hours redoing searches I thought I’d done before. But this time, the […]

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Take a Family Tree to Thanksgiving?

Family tree

Rather than a side dish, I’ve taken a family tree to my family’s Thanksgiving celebration–several times. May I suggest you do the same? Even if you are also bringing a pumpkin pie? Thanksgiving and all the holidays traditionally involve bringing family members together. What better time to collect and share data on something we all have […]

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Genealogy: Searching for the Posey House


While on my five-year genealogy hunt one day, I took my innocent children and niece on a search for the Posey house. I’d stumbled upon a photo of it during a hurried three-hour session in the Allen County Genealogical Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana. On that particular summer, my family was recovering from 20 years […]

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The Importance of Research Discipline

research discipline

I was a year or so into writing a detailed genealogy when one of my distant cousins challenged my research discipline. “You’re a fine writer, and you concoct very interesting ideas, but it means nothing if you don’t cite the references.” As a past president of the Sons of the American Revolution, Glenn had spent […]

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Scan the Photos!


While I went to spend Thanksgiving with my family, I had another goal as well: scan the family photos! Have you scanned yours? Why not? I started talking to relatives in August, asking them to bring family photos to Thanksgiving and I’d bring my scanner. It’s portable and I attach it to my laptop. A few […]

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