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On Being a Revolutionary’s Daughter


  On this fourth of July, I’m thinking about what it means to be a revolutionary’s daughter. My own father was a brilliant mercurial man, who served as a naval officer but was not revolutionary. Our forefathers, however, were a different story. In writing my family history (five years of research. You can find Pioneer […]

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So What if The Author gets a Fact Wrong?

fact wrong

Does it bother you if you find a  fact wrong in a book? How about a magazine article or even a blog post? Do you think, “well, anyone can make a mistake,” and let it go? Or do you even pay attention? I’m a stickler for facts. Maybe it’s because I trained as a newspaper […]

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Amazing Internet Research: Dolley Madison

My father’s great-grandfather James Steele Hanks was born in 1809–Thomas Jefferson was the president of the United States and Dolley Madison was the queen of Federal City society. I can never quite wrap my brain around how young the United States is when I think about that fact. My children knew their great-grandfather–he was 90 […]

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