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How to Choose a Year of Deliberate Grace

deliberate grace, forgiveness, patience, love, joy, gentleness, Fruit of the Spirit, Jesus, God's love, extending grace, overlooking discomfort, sin

I’m going to choose a year of deliberate grace in 2018. My world needs it. I need it. God stresses it. It will make the people I love happier–in part because the peace which passes all understanding should reign. Right? What is deliberate grace? A choice to extend grace to an individual, organization or event […]

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Checking Out with Kristin Lavransdatter

And it came to pass I had had enough. All I wanted was to be transported far, far away–I didn’t even care where–just to be relieved of the drudgery of my life. My children were perfectly loveable and ages two and four. My husband had been out to sea on a submarine for a very long time; […]

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