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The Phone Book–Ancestry Part V

phone book

Who even has a phone book anymore? I just spent a Friday night turning the cyber-pages of the London phone book. It broke open a mystery I’ve been hunting for 18 months. Amazing. Tedious. Valuable. A short diversion to talk about names Listen, if like several of my ancestors, you marry a man named […]

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A Writer’s Emotions and The End

The end, Oswald Chambers, Biddy Chambers, Mrs. Oswald Chambers, writing book, writer emotions, publication, expert, Google, Wheaton Library, David McCasland

When I typed The End last night, I began to shake. Finished, done, completed–at least the rough draft. I sat back in my computer chair, put my hands to my face and sobbed. While a writer is like God as she writes her book, plans her story, incorporates facts and hunts for words, this writer […]

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Pinterest and the Hunt for Research Information

Pinterest SEALs

I’ve discovered Pinterest as a new tool in my research toolbox. Like many, I didn’t pay it much mind when it first appeared on the social media scene. I had more pressing matters to seek out using my trusty pal Google. But when a friend posted the covers of her books on a Pinterest page, […]

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Random Facts I Learned in 2013

facts: A relaxing dog bed exercise

To round out 2013, I’m sharing random facts I discovered this year. Feel free to chime in! Historical *Once put into motion, it was physically impossible to recall the Russian call up of reservists–thus World War I *Lawrence of Arabia was illegitimate, as were his four brothers. *Biddy Chambers was nearly deaf in her left ear *The […]

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