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Mr. & Mrs Luther in Fact and Fiction

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Luther have been the subject of two important books in the last year. The first, Luther and Katharina: a Novel of Love and Rebellion by Jody Hedlund, won last year’s Christy Award for the best historical fiction of the year. It’s a novel, therefore it’s fiction. The second came out in January 2017: […]

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Finding Winnie: the Pooh Bear’s True History

Finding Winnie

This year’s Caldecott award went to a picture book that tells the true story behind a novel: Finding Winnie. A charming story about the author’s great-grandfather. Finding Winnie describes how he adopted a bear while traveling by troop train from Winnepeg, Canada, to  a port from which they sailed to England in the early days of […]

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Henry Huggins as Historical Fiction?

Henry Huggins, Beverly Cleary, Vietnam war, Ribsy, historical fiction, YMCA, bus riding, finding a dog, when is a novel historical fiction?

It’s a sobering moment when you realize Henry Huggins, in some camps, is considered historical fiction. How can a book I read and loved as a child be considered . . . . historical? Beverly Cleary‘s first published the book in 1950. Nearly 70 years ago. In publishing circles, historical fiction is defined as “prior […]

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Happily Ever After: A Silent Night

Happily ever after

Can a Silent Night lead to a happily ever after life? Before writing for A Pioneer Christmas Collection, Anna Urquhart had seldom heard of pioneers traveling by water and examined the opening of the Erie Canal in 1830’s which led to settlements in Michigan Territory. A Silent Night actually begins in Edinburgh, Scotland and follows […]

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12 Days and Brides of Christmas: Raffle!

12 days

So while we’re still six weeks out from Christmas 2015, the authors of The 12 Brides of Christmas are sponsoring a giveaway! Over the next twelve days, we’ll give you an opportunity to win TWO books: What better way to prepare for the Christmas celebration, than to have one book to read for fun and […]

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