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Google Maps–Valuable for Research, Too!

I use Google maps all the time. Not just for driving instructions–though that’s important–but to understand how places play into history. Ir proved invaluable while I researched Mrs. Oswald Chambers. Here are ways Google maps answered questions. Putting locations into neighborhood context Several times in writing my book, I tried to figure out why someone lived […]

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Using Ancestry.com for Research Part I


I’ve been using Ancestry.com for book research the last year. It’s been surprising and fantastic. As a genealogist, I avoided it for years. But when I began writing my biography of Mrs. Oswald Chambers, I started with one question: “Where did this woman come from?” Ancestry.com provided the information and so much more. English records I […]

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Weeping over the Sepia


It happened again this week. While researching World War I and the Alaskan Gold Rush, my heart surged and there I was weeping over the sepia photos one more time. I’m about to publish my fourth historical novella and I’ve been writing two other works lately; I’ve spent the last five years in the marvel of […]

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