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The Good Friday Passion of Tenebrae

The Tenebrae service is our favorite service during Lent at our Lutheran church. From the Latin for shadows or darkness, Tenebrae is an ancient service that underscores the solemnity of Jesus’s last day on earth as a man. The solemn, sober service takes place on Good Friday. Tenebrae services usually involve candles lit in a darkened […]

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Mixed Messages at Christmas

Christmas is a mixed message time of year for me. My mother’s death at Christmas punched most of the cheerful emotion out of the holiday for many years. Being the mother also can strip away the excitement as I work in the background to provide Christmas “magic.” But it hasn’t always been so. Every year, I reach […]

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Oswald and Biddy Chambers’ Solemn Promise

Promise Oswald and Biddy Chambers

While in London recently, we visited St. Paul’s Cathedral to view the site of a solemn promise. It wasn’t a promise we’d made–but one pledged between Oswald Chambers and Gertrude Hobbs on November 13, 1908. Oswald and Biddy–as he nicknamed her (Oswald had a sister named Gertrude so Miss Hobbs became “Beloved Disciple” shortened to […]

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The Passion of the Tenebrae Service

Perhaps we did replay holy week when we entered the  sanctuary at dusk on Good Friday for the Tenebrae service. . We waved to friends, found a pew and settled down for a moment of calm. It was surprisingly quiet. The picture of Jesus wearing a bloody crown of thorns on the bulletin cover suggested […]

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Nicaragua: El Nuevo Testamento (New Testament)

Christian missionary work has always been based on sharing the good news that Jesus Christ died in order that men and women might be free from the guilt of their sins and able to live with God forever. The original Christians who witnessed Christ’s life, death and resurrection eventually sallied forth from Jerusalem to tell […]

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