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Joy in Serving the King

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“There’s joy in serving the King. Haven’t you heard that?” Kristin’s eyes met mine in the high school bathroom mirror. I was a new believer. I hadn’t heard that before. Her mother, however, taught my high school girl’s Bible study. Kristin would know. She spoke those words 44 years ago, and they have stayed with me […]

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A Candle for Advent Peace

advent peace

The second Sunday we light a candle for Advent Peace. Peace is an interesting word with many possibilities: world, personal, shalom, spiritual. I love the Advent peace candle because it reminds me of the first year I understood who Jesus really is. Who is Jesus? “Peace on earth, good will toward men,” the angels sang […]

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Here’s to you, Punxsutawney Phil

Why no, it’s not snowing in Sonoma County. We’ve got a beautiful blue sky and 65 degrees. The windows are open and the house is flooded with light and warmth. I feel sorry for all of you romping in the freshly fallen snow back east. Which brings me to Puxatony Phil, a critter I’ve never […]

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Christmas Chaos Joy


I mumbled my grievances as I stumbled into the car yesterday. Hauling clarinet, music book, Sunday School lesson book, answer book, water bottle, bulky purse and a raincoat, I fell into the passenger seat completely disgruntled. I hate being so busy and could only wish the day would be over soon. “If you looked the […]

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