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The Imperial Camel Corps

Imperial Camel Corps

So, what do the words conjure: Imperial Camel Corps? Click to Tweet Do  you envision the magi crossing the desert sand bearing gifts for the Christ Child? Do you see a camel wearing a crown and a uniform? How about marines riding camels? The third choice would be closer to the truth. I wrote recently […]

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Research and the Camel Conundrum


So it’s come to this. I have to learn about camels. Perhaps it’s not too surprising because my clients, er, characters spend time in the Middle East, but I hadn’t seen this ripple in the story when I laid it out. I saw references to camels while I did my research and I posted a […]

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Random Facts I Learned in 2013

facts: A relaxing dog bed exercise

To round out 2013, I’m sharing random facts I discovered this year. Feel free to chime in! Historical *Once put into motion, it was physically impossible to recall the Russian call up of reservists–thus World War I *Lawrence of Arabia was illegitimate, as were his four brothers. *Biddy Chambers was nearly deaf in her left ear *The […]

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