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Resilience Lessons from Mrs. Oswald Chambers Part I

resilience lessons, Biddy Chambers, Mrs. Oswald Chambers, widowhood, London Blitz, fire, World War I, poverty, determination to do God's will

I’ve been learning about resilience recently and Biddy Chambers has provided lessons. Many will know my book Mrs. Oswald Chambers launched on October 17. Many don’t know my family and I were evacuated from our home for thirteen days during that period. The fires in Northern California during October, 2017 were aimed at our house–from four […]

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The London Blitz and Oswald Chambers’ Books

London blitz wartime

Many people have seen this famous photo of St. Paul’s Cathedral wreathed in smoke following the London Blitz of December, 1940. What you may not know is that all that smoke is not the cathedral, but the burning of London’s book warehouses. Among those buildings destroyed were warehouses containing all the unsold copies of the […]

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