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Following Biddy’s Steps

Biddy's steps

Following Biddy’s steps took us to several spots in 2013 London. I was hunting details for a novel about Oswald and Biddy Chambers. We began the morning in Clapham Common, looking for the beautiful building where the Chambers couple lived. The Bible Training College I had the address of the Bible Training College Oswald and Biddy ran, so visiting […]

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British Book Publishing and Wartime


What happened to British book publishing during wartime in the 1940s? I’d never given it much thought until I realized the iconic photo of the Blitz and St. Paul’s Cathedral in London really isn’t about St. Paul’s not burning down. It’s about one million books going up in flames, or as The Bookseller wrote on […]

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Mother’s Day in the US and Abroad

I celebrated Mother’s Day three times last year. The first time was in England, when we happened to be there on Mothering Sunday. (It actually was my second time in England on Mothering Sunday; the first time my boys were three and one; in 2015 the accompanying child was 28!) Two weeks later we were in Slovenia […]

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WWI: Zeppelins and Terror


Zeppelins were important to the German army during World War I. They used them as a terror weapon against civilians. They also used them, some, to actually fight, but not much. Mostly, they were aimed at innocent civilians. Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin was the inventor circa 1874 in Germany, making a “rigid” airship. With the idea […]

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London’s Imperial War Museum (IWM)

IWM London war zone

Traveler’s Tales: IWM I’ve been after my husband to take me to London’s Imperial War Museum (IMW) since last July when its World War I exhibit reopened. We’d visited the exhibit in 2009 and I very well remembered it, particularly the intense “as if you were there” trench exhibit. Since I spent the last two years writing […]

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