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8 Favorite Memoirs

It’s summer and I’m enjoying my eight favorite memoirs. It’s important to remember memoirs and biographies are different. While biographies tell an entire life’s story, a memoir generally limits itself a slice of time, or a particular event. I love memoirs even more than biographies, in part because narrative non-fiction is my favorite genre. (Memoirs […]

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My Own Wrinkle in Time

“Why, you had your own wrinkle in time,” my friend exclaimed. I’d recounted a story in which he had given me a surprising gift We’re both fans of Madeleine L’Engle‘s Newberry award winning novel A Wrinkle in Time, but his words caught me by surprise. I hadn’t thought of it that way before, but he […]

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Unforgetable Books

Unforgetable books:Book hoarder

I was challenged on Facebook recently to list ten unforgetable books–books that have stayed with me over the years for one reason or another. The idea was not to think too hard, just write down the first ten to come to mind. I’ve been reading since the age of four and I have a degree in […]

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Four Tips to Start Rewriting a Novel

Rewriting a novel

 I’ve begun rewriting a novel. It’s an intimidating process to pick up a manuscript you’ve slaved over for, in my case, fifteen months and realize it needs to be redone. How do you even start? This is where I am today, with Four tips on how to start rewriting a novel: Click to Tweet 1. […]

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Astonishing Research–Madeleine L’Engle

College girl 1977 Prague

A Madeleine L’Engle letter astonished me in 2013 at Wheaton College. I had traveled to Wheaton College’s Special Collections Library to research  Oswald Chambers. While I waited for the archivist, I noticed a table full of pamphlets detailing other writers whose manuscripts and letters also were in the collection. Wheaton has quite a selection: Francis and […]

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