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Mrs. Douglas MacArthur’s Tablecloth (idea) and Me

Tablecloth, Mrs. Douglas MacArthur's tablecloth, famous signatures, hospitality, General Douglas MacArthur, embroidery, Sharpie markers, memories

I don’t actually own Mrs. Douglas MacArthur‘s tablecloth, but I own one like it. What is that tablecloth? It’s a white tablecloth she used whenever she served dinner to foreign dignitaries. Whenever everyone finished eating, she handed them a pen and asked them to sign the tablecloth. She then had it embroidered. Can you imagine the […]

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My Own Wrinkle in Time

“Why, you had your own wrinkle in time,” my friend exclaimed. I’d recounted a story in which he had given me a surprising gift We’re both fans of Madeleine L’Engle‘s Newberry award winning novel A Wrinkle in Time, but his words caught me by surprise. I hadn’t thought of it that way before, but he […]

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A Dream of Loved Ones–For Comfort


I knew it was a dream as I stood on the balcony overlooking the sweeping view of the Los Angeles harbor. My parents loved that view. I turned and recognized the french doors leading into their condominium. The door stuck slight on the thick carpeting, as always, when I pushed it open. I cocked my […]

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Immigrants: A Linden Tree/stump/hole for Hope


Like many Americans, our family is made up of immigrants. I’m a first generation American on my mother’s side of the family. My father’s? Oh, twelfth? My husband is a second generation American on his father’s side. His mother’s? Oh, thirteenth? But like many immigrant families, our families have remained in touch with folks in […]

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On Keeping My Options Open–Because You Never Know

I grew up in a household with a mercurial, creative, option-loving parent. He meant well, but his word simply wasn’t good–at least in the plans he made for us. (His word was a bond in business and he paid dearly for his loyal ethics). That meant for me, things often felt out of control. I […]

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