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To “Pull a Biddy,” and Other Adventures

I’m recently returned from a trip in which I needed to “pull a Biddy,” to encourage myself. I may be the only person who uses that term, but my family understands what I mean. They’ve been living with the Biddy and Oswald Chambers story just as much as I have for the last four years! But […]

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2017 with Oswald and Biddy Chambers


As many of you know, I’ve spent 18 months writing a biography of Biddy, Mrs. Oswald Chambers. I loved the entire experience of researching and writing about the life of an amazing woman who lived in extraordinary times. Mrs. Oswald Chambers releases in October, 2017–the month before the 100th anniversary of Oswald Chambers’ death. I’ve also […]

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Imagination and the Bible


I use my imagination all the time when reading the Bible. I put imagination to good use when I teach Bible study. But what does that mean? For me, it started when our youth pastor, Paul Anderson, asked, “imagine how the older brother feels,” when discussing the parable of The Prodigal Son. I was a new-to-Christianity 15 year-old […]

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12 Brides: Auctions and Movie Inspiration


Where did the inspiration for one of my scenes in The Sunbonnet Bride come from? One of my favorite movie musicals: Oklahoma. In the movie, the townspeople indulged in a favorite money-raiser in frontier towns: the box luncheon auction. Plenty of variation on the theme are out there and I used a pie auction in […]

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12 Brides: A Sunbonnet for Health?

Sunbonnet Bride novella

Even though I grew up in Southern California, I never gave a thought to wearing a sunbonnet. In those days, we frolicked in the sunshine and watched our hair sun-bleach and our skin turn brown. Some of us got freckles but no one would be caught dead in a sunbonnet. It was different long ago. […]

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