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Can a Researcher Ever Stop Researching?

“Does the researching instinct ever end?” I’ve been asking myself that question for a couple years now. The thrill of the hunt never ends–even when it seems like I’ve mined all the data out there. But you never know . . . And that’s what keeps me going. Researching like a puzzle builder While on […]

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Using Ancestry.com for Research Part I


I’ve been using Ancestry.com for book research the last year. It’s been surprising and fantastic. As a genealogist, I avoided it for years. But when I began writing my biography of Mrs. Oswald Chambers, I started with one question: “Where did this woman come from?” Ancestry.com provided the information and so much more. English records I […]

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The Importance of Research Discipline

research discipline

I was a year or so into writing a detailed genealogy when one of my distant cousins challenged my research discipline. “You’re a fine writer, and you concoct very interesting ideas, but it means nothing if you don’t cite the references.” As a past president of the Sons of the American Revolution, Glenn had spent […]

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