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Joy in Serving the King

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“There’s joy in serving the King. Haven’t you heard that?” Kristin’s eyes met mine in the high school bathroom mirror. I was a new believer. I hadn’t heard that before. Her mother, however, taught my high school girl’s Bible study. Kristin would know. She spoke those words 44 years ago, and they have stayed with me […]

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Partners in Ministry

partners in ministry

A friend of mine is looking for partners in ministry as she prepares to return to the mission field. What are partners in ministry? Click to Tweet She’s spent quite a bit of time focusing on finding folks to pray for her, because, as Oswald Chambers pointed out, “Prayer does not equip us for greater […]

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Nicaragua: What does Prayerful Grace Look Like?

We felt and tried to share God’s grace every day. Baking heat, no moving air. We had to put up dark curtains over the “windows” in this cinder block school with a metal roof so Jon can read the auto-refractor. School children out of class hang on to what windows are uncovered, chattering at what […]

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