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The Inspiration Behind Mrs. Oswald Chambers

What was the inspiration behind Mrs. Oswald Chambers? asked many interviewers. It’s a fair question. Why would I spend two years of my life researching and writing about a woman who died in 1966? I never met her. I’d never heard of her until 2012. What was it about Biddy Chambers that intrigued me so? First […]

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The London Blitz Test for Biddy’s Resilience (Part IV)

Blitz, Resilience, Biddy Chambers, Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest, crematorium of England's books, St. Paul's Cathedral, London WWII

The London Blitz provided the utmost opportunity for Biddy Chambers to demonstrate resilience. I’ve written before about what happened on December 29, 1940 here. All 40,000 copies of Oswald Chambers-authored books burned in the warehouses surrounding St. Paul’s Cathedral. As did 1,000,000 others books in what one magazine described as “the crematorium of England‘s books.” […]

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Mrs. OC: The Book Launch Party

Book launch party, Mrs. Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest, what do you do at a book launch party? High tea, cucumber sandwiches

We held a book launch party for Mrs. Oswald Chambers on Sunday, October 22. Friends arranged for a lovely British tea, a  poster announcing the party and flowers on the table–the same way Biddy liked to decorate. I woke a cloche hat and a plain suit–which would have passed muster 90 years ago when Biddy […]

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My Utmost: A Century of Devotion

Century of Devotion, My Utmost, Wheaton College, Discovery House Publishers, David McCasland, Macy Halford, My Utmost for His HIghest, Dan Haase

I visited Wheaton College on October 20 to attended My Utmost: A Century of Devotion, the life and legacy of Oswald Chambers. My invitation came from The Oswald Chambers Publication Association, Ltd. (OCPAL), Wheaton College and Discovery House Publishers. The invitation came months ago, my husband and I bought our plane tickets and looked forward […]

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Wheaton College and Oswald Chambers

My Utmost a Century of Devotions: The Life and Legacy of Oswald Chambers

I’ll be at Wheaton College the day this blog goes live, October 20, 2017. I’m attending an event Wheaton’s Buswell Library is hosting on October 20 called My Utmost a Century of Devotions: The Life and Legacy of Oswald Chambers. Why is Oswald Chambers, a British citizen born in Scotland, being honored at Wheaton College outside […]

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