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Eyeglasses for Nicaragua Kids


Our church’s eyeglasses mission visited the Rio San Juan region of Nicaragua for the tenth straight year in 2016. The Rio San Juan area, the poorest region of the second poorest country in Central America, has only limited medical facilities. Using a mobile autorefractor, the experience of our leader John, and the organizational skills of […]

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Nicaragua: A Pleasure to Serve

So, when all was said and done, why did we go to Nicaragua in July 2011? We went out of service to our God and the same Jesus who talked about bringing sight to the blind and restoring the people. We brought 500 Bibles to a community with few books. And we gave away over […]

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Nicaragua History, the Lost Canal, and Glorious Sunsets

What do you know about Nicaragua history? I was a young adult in the 1980’s and while busy with other things, knew something was going on in Nicaragua concerning guerillas in the jungle and agitation in government. I knew Iran-Contra had something to do with funding but was never really sure which side was which. […]

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Nicaragua Animals: Enter the Animals

Everyone wants to know if we saw unusual Nicaragua animals or birds. Upon arrival at Sabalos Lodge on the Rio San Juan, the two teenage boys on our team began hunting caiman–small alligators that live in the area. They had a catching device that snatched the small creatures on the neck and they managed to […]

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Nicaragua: Two Birthdays in the Tropics

My daughter celebrated her eighteenth birthday working an eyeglass clinic in the Nicaraguan countryside and with a cake at Sabalos Lodge several years ago. She celebrated her nineteenth birthday in the same place. What are the odds one of my children would spend 10.52632% of her birthdays in the jungle? Until 13 months ago, I […]

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