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A Biddy Interview with Her Biographer

Interview, Mrs. Oswald Chambers, biographer, Oswald Chambers, Michelle Ule, David McCasland, Oxford, My Utmost for His Highest, writing a biography

Biddy Chambers turned the tables to interview her biographer–me. This is all imaginary–she died before I turned ten–but it’s fun for me as I prepare to launch Mrs. Oswald Chambers. (You can read my questions to Biddy here, here and here.) The genesis behind this imaginary interview blog series is, when I enter heaven, Biddy […]

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Traveler’s Tales: An Oxford Walk


I took an Oxford walk in 2013. Wandering the lanes and sauntering through some of the colleges located in that most ancient of towns was delightful. Sunlight glanced off stone as with Japanese tourists, I gawked at spirals and towers spinning against a vivid blue sky. Dedicated students (is that an oxymoron?) darted past wearing black robes we Americans most often […]

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The Library: Bodleian, in fact


Did you ever wonder about the history of a library? Once arrived in Oxford, I made a beeline to the Bodleian Library, to honor, admire and to marvel! The Bodleian Library is one of the premier libraries in England. Books were first gathered about 1320 and housed in a room above the Oxford University Church of St. Mary […]

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Visiting Oxford’s Christ Church Cathedral

cathedral angel

Several years ago I took my daughter-in-law to visit a cathedral, St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh. She’d not traveled a great deal and had grown up in non-denominational church settings. When we entered the tall church, she began to cry. She’d never seen such a beautiful place to worship God before. I remembered her appreciation […]

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A Surprise in Oxford

Surprise Oxford

As I rode the train from Reading to Oxford, I opened the Kindle app on my phone and began to reread Carolyn Weber’s lovely Surprised by Oxford. It’s the memoir of her first year as an Oxford graduate student in English Literature 20 years ago, when Weber thought she was meeting the great writers of the canon […]

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