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A Pioneer Christmas: a Cookbook Gift, a Raffle and the Stories!

The Pioneer Christmas Collection writers are running a raffle (autographed copies of both A Pioneer Christmas Collection AND the New York Times best-selling A Log Cabin Christmas Collection) AND giving away a free recipe booklet via PDF for all who enter. Introducing A Pioneer Christmas Collection! When Barbour Publishing announced they were looking for novellas […]

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The Drama of Primary Source Materials

Reflecting on generation here and the generations to come, heritage, genealogy, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren

Primary Source Materials are first hand accounts of events, like this: “I was too young to remember her. I do not have the faintest recollection of her. I was told my Aunt Hannah made a white dress for me with lace beading and ran a black ribbon through this beading for the burial services. “The day […]

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Crafting a Novella in Four Easy Steps!

baby cowboy boots

“For sale: baby shoes; never worn.” An entire story packed into six heartbreaking words, which calls to mind the infamous quote: “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.” In our google-brained attention-span-of-a-gnat era, novellas have become popular because they can be read in an hour or so. People are busy, they […]

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12 Days of Christmas: What’s Inspirational About These Collections?

Published NYTimes best seller Log Cabin Christmas

Both my September 1, 2013 releases are Christmas books shelved in the “inspirational fiction” section of your bookstore–if you still have a local bookstore. But what does “inspirational fiction” mean? The Charlotte and Mecklenberg County Public Library in North Carolina defines it this way: “Any good book can be an inspiration, but many of these […]

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12 Days of a Pioneer Christmas: Margaret Brownley

writer Michelle Ule and Margaret Brownley

Margaret Brownley I met Margaret Brownley in October, 2011 when we appeared at a retailer’s meeting called Reboot West. We were promoting our other collaborated book,  A Log Cabin Christmas Collection (which re-releases on September 1, along with A Pioneer Christmas Collection). She’s a cheerful, hard-working writer who loves to meet her readers and is busy finishing […]

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