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Safeguards: Bible and Imagination


What safeguards do imaginative teachers and writers use when turning to the Bible? I talked about imagination and the Bible in my last post here. But because we believe the Bible is truth, it’s important to accurately understand it and to be careful not to let our imaginations run wild. Can heresy can come from an […]

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How a Map Can Make a Difference


I’ve just found a map that makes everything clear. I’ve only been trying to figure out the location of the YMCA camp at Zeitoun, Egypt to to the nearby ANZAC army camp for three years. Today, while I was hunting “Suez Canal Authority Headquarters Ismailia WWI,” on Google, it turned up. The map has nothing to […]

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The Importance of Research Discipline

research discipline

I was a year or so into writing a detailed genealogy when one of my distant cousins challenged my research discipline. “You’re a fine writer, and you concoct very interesting ideas, but it means nothing if you don’t cite the references.” As a past president of the Sons of the American Revolution, Glenn had spent […]

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Reading Love Letters

Love letters

Do you like to read love letters? Well, certainly if they’re addressed to you. But what if, as an historian, you’re reading someone else’s love letters, say a husband to his wife during a war? I’ve written about this issue before and, frankly, it feels intrusive. The question still remains in my mind: “Is it research […]

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Books and Other Helps in Writing The Gold Rush Christmas

Gold rush

I sat down one November day, not long after I’d signed the contract for The Gold Rush Christmas, and stared at the computer screen. What was this novella about? I’d just finished another project and had been awarded this contract on the basis of a short description. I knew the location and basic plot, but […]

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