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Pruning Words and Other Rewrite Joys

Pruning words

I’m nearing the end of my novel rewrite and I’m spending a lot of time pruning words from my text. It’s made me consider how often I, among others, use too many words–whether in writing or speaking. My husband occasionally complains that I feel compelled to explain everything. “It’s not enough you tell the children […]

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Recasting the Middle

recasting a novel

I’m in the middle of rewriting a novel and have come to the hardest part–I’m recasting the middle. Traditionally, novels have to work extra hard in their center sections. The beginning sets the story line, gets the hero into trouble and starts the hero on the road to fulfillment, or at least an ending. The ending […]

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Killing My Darlings

killing my darlings

I’m in the middle of a mammoth rewrite and I’ve come to the defining moment of killing my darlings. The term, “killing my darlings,” has been attributed to a number of writers from William Faulkner to Allen Ginsburg, but it boils down to writers need to be ruthless in their personal editing. They need to […]

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Four Tips to Start Rewriting a Novel

Rewriting a novel

 I’ve begun rewriting a novel. It’s an intimidating process to pick up a manuscript you’ve slaved over for, in my case, fifteen months and realize it needs to be redone. How do you even start? This is where I am today, with Four tips on how to start rewriting a novel: Click to Tweet 1. […]

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Total Joy! The Rewrite!

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Don’t you love to rewrite? Not just your manuscript, but your whole life? Does an eraser on the end of a pencil give you comfort? Are you thrilled with the cut and paste feature that comes with word processing? Do you feel an enormous sense of relief that there is no sin God will not […]

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