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Eyeglasses for Nicaragua Kids


Our church’s eyeglasses mission visited the Rio San Juan region of Nicaragua for the tenth straight year in 2016. The Rio San Juan area, the poorest region of the second poorest country in Central America, has only limited medical facilities. Using a mobile autorefractor, the experience of our leader John, and the organizational skills of […]

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Nicaragua: A Pleasure to Serve

So, when all was said and done, why did we go to Nicaragua in July 2011? We went out of service to our God and the same Jesus who talked about bringing sight to the blind and restoring the people. We brought 500 Bibles to a community with few books. And we gave away over […]

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Nicaragua: Lluvia (Rain) Falling

Don’t you love the sound of rain? How would you like to wake up every morning to this: We traveled to Nicaragua during the rainy season in the tropics, so lluvia, rain, falling from the sky was no surprise. We were nearly drenched when we boarded our 12-seater plane in Managua to make the jump […]

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Nicaragua: The Peace Corps Volunteers

Did you ever consider joining the Peace Corps? When you graduated from college, did you dream of living in the jungle, miles from other educated Americans and without a mini-mart on the corner? Did you hope to learn a new language by immersing yourself into a culture you didn’t know and then spend time trying […]

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Nicaragua: Living without Bugs–or not?

I don’t like bugs. I’ve sworn for years I’d never be a missionary because I can’t stand heat or bugs. Guess what? God was merciful to me in Nicaragua: few bugs and relatively mild weather. Thanks be to God. But I went forearmed–I wasn’t taking any chances. My doctor wrote me a prescription for malaria […]

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