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Nicaragua: Living without Bugs–or not?

I don’t like bugs. I’ve sworn for years I’d never be a missionary because I can’t stand heat or bugs. Guess what? God was merciful to me in Nicaragua: few bugs and relatively mild weather. Thanks be to God. But I went forearmed–I wasn’t taking any chances. My doctor wrote me a prescription for malaria […]

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Nicaragua: Living in a Treehouse

We stayed at a lovely spot called Sabalos Lodge on the Rio San Juan. With a half dozen thatch roofed huts strung along the river, it felt just like living in a treehouse. Simple, humble and rustic, but utterly fun as well. I had no idea what I was in for when the boat glided […]

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Nicaragua: El Nuevo Testamento (New Testament)

Christian missionary work has always been based on sharing the good news that Jesus Christ died in order that men and women might be free from the guilt of their sins and able to live with God forever. The original Christians who witnessed Christ’s life, death and resurrection eventually sallied forth from Jerusalem to tell […]

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Nicaragua: We came, we shared, we opened their eyes

Twelve members of our church, St. Mark Lutheran, have just returned from a trip to Nicarauga. We handed out 500 Bibles, nearly 2000 pair of glasses and saw 1079 folks. A total blessing and a terrific trip for all of us. We flew to Managua on TACA airlines and thence to San Carlos at the mouth (the boca) of […]

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