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Missionaries in Nicaragua–Providing Sight!

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A group of missionaries from our church recently visited Nicaragua. My husband and I participated in the same eyeglass ministry in the Rio San Juan region six years ago. (You can read the seventeen posts I wrote about the 2011 experience starting here). The latest mission marked the eleventh year of providing a rudimentary eye […]

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Nicaragua Animals: Enter the Animals

Everyone wants to know if we saw unusual Nicaragua animals or birds. Upon arrival at Sabalos Lodge on the Rio San Juan, the two teenage boys on our team began hunting caiman–small alligators that live in the area. They had a catching device that snatched the small creatures on the neck and they managed to […]

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Nicaragua: The Peace Corps Volunteers

Did you ever consider joining the Peace Corps? When you graduated from college, did you dream of living in the jungle, miles from other educated Americans and without a mini-mart on the corner? Did you hope to learn a new language by immersing yourself into a culture you didn’t know and then spend time trying […]

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Nicaragua: What does Prayerful Grace Look Like?

We felt and tried to share God’s grace every day. Baking heat, no moving air. We had to put up dark curtains over the “windows” in this cinder block school with a metal roof so Jon can read the auto-refractor. School children out of class hang on to what windows are uncovered, chattering at what […]

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Nicaragua: Giving Birth along the River

I can’t imagine giving birth in a jungle. Picture yourself, however, as the typical girl in the Rio San Juan area of Nicaragua. You finish school, probably around fourteen, and live in a small village– perhaps one like Las Colinas (the hills) or the prosaically named Kilometer 20. You meet a nice guy, probably don’t […]

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