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An Italian Immigrant Story


My mother was an Italian immigrant. That’s her in the passport photo. Mom’s the baby. My grandmother, Fortunata, is the heroine. Or the crazy woman, depending on your perspective. If Fortunata looks a little stressed, keep in mind her baby was only two months old. Her other children were nine years and thirteen months months old. […]

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Agrigento, Sicily in my mind

Agrigento, Sicily is the closest I’ve come to seeing Greek temples. Because Greek temples are there! We visited on a glorious day in March where the sky was blue to infinity, the better to show off the burnt sienna colors of the columns. Amazing. Our mouths hung open looking at columns that have stood for a […]

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Jet Lag and Europe Observations

Europe Lake Wolfgang

My husband and I returned last night from 17 days in Europe and while I’d like to think I’m coherent, the truth is I’ve not slept more than a couple hours in the last four days. Jet lag anyone? I’ve downloaded more than 1000 photos, so far, and I’ve got a lot a notes, so […]

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Speaking My English: It’s All in the Hands


Do you use your hands when you talk? I do. Or, as someone at church asked me recently, “do you just talk until your hands stop moving, or can you speak if they’re not?” I laughed. (Hey, I’m moving my hands as I type this–including every time I pick them up off the keyboard.  Hmmm. […]

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Caring for a Faith Friend on Furlough

faith friend

Our dear friend in faith Hillary has spent the last eight months with us, home in the United States from Sicily where she’s been working for a faith-based nonprofit that does community development. She returns to minister to that part of the world next week. We’re going to miss her. While we’ve known Hillary since she […]

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