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How to Choose a Year of Deliberate Grace

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I’m going to choose a year of deliberate grace in 2018. My world needs it. I need it. God stresses it. It will make the people I love happier–in part because the peace which passes all understanding should reign. Right? What is deliberate grace? A choice to extend grace to an individual, organization or event […]

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Giving Up Sin for Lent

Giving up sin for Lent sounds like a great idea, but is it possible? No. Romans 3:23 tells why: “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” All have sinned–or fallen short of the mark of what and who God created us to be in our lives. Jesus and temptation to […]

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Living Inside God’s Frame


What does a picture frame have to do with the Christian life? It depends how you look at it. The idea/words popped out of my mouth a number of years ago while talking with a childhood friend. We had grown up in each other’s library books while in elementary school, but the last time I’d seen […]

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Guilt: True or False?


How can you tell if you are experiencing true guilt or false guilt? That’s been a tormenting question my entire Christian life. I was raised in a church setting and among well-meaning folks who used shame and guilt to control children. As a dutiful first born, I imbibed those notions deep within. I continually felt […]

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Oswald Chambers and Thoughts on War

Oswald Chambers thoughts on war, war, Devil, sin, David McCasland, Jesus, Disciples, fear, panic, WWI, My Utmost for his Highest

I wrote a novel set during The Great War which affected my thoughts on war. How should we see war? How should we react? What is war? Oswald Chambers, a noted Bible teacher in the years leading up to World War I, had interesting insights which bear examination. He believed elements of war are inevitable, as recorded […]

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